The Home God Created

The home is an establishment created by God for the purposes of carrying out pro-creation, provision, preparation/polishing, & playtime (entertainment, socialization, & recreation). The home is also known as the family. The design of the home God created is made up of attentive husbands, respectful wives, reasonable fathers, righteous mothers, & obedient children.

The Home God Created

We must date with God’s design in mind.
1)  We must date for the purposes of marriage.
2)  We are not to learn in months what we can learn on day 1.
3)  When involving ourselves with others, we must trust, but verify.
4)  Whether Christian or not, we are commanded to flee fornication.
5)  When we date, let us make sure that our interactions are always public, never private.

Dating Part 1
Dating Part 2

Marriage is a covenant & not a contract. If we start it, then we must finish it. What constitutes a marriage, who can get married, & what are the traditions associated with the wedding? Please refer to the audio to answer these questions as space will not permit a written answer.

Doctrine Part 1
Doctrine Part 2

Devotion is “profound dedication; consecration; earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.” Spouses must be devoted exclusively to each other.

Devotion in the Marital Relationship Part 1
Devotion in the Marital Relationship Part 2

We must do everything possible to avoid it. Therefore, it is best not to throw in the towel.

The Home God Created; Divorce Part 1
The Home God Created; Divorce Part 2